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Get new and Repeat Business on Autopilot w...

If you’re a small business or work with them regularly, you know they thrive ...see more

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Get More Opens with Great Subject Lines

In the busy inbox, you have just a few milliseconds to convince someone to op...see more

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Social Media Karma

Grow your business on social media by supporting other businesses! This webin...see more

Calendar icon Fri, Jun 05, 2020

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Improve Your Business Skills with TakeAClass

The professional world is evolving day-by-day. With newer techniques and more complex issues to work through, you have to be on the ball, taking in every new detail, learning new methods of dealing with your workforce in a way that positively affects productivity. 

TakeAClass has a selection of professional courses that cover everything; from networking to social media strategies. We even offer advanced professional classes online on everything from running a business on Facebook to shedding light on gender inequality and diversity in the workplace. 

Our basic classes focus on elements of business maintenance that you wouldn’t find online, like handling taxes for small businesses and supercharging your enterprise with unique marketing ideas. Furthermore, our classes cover more details like business setbacks and what can be done to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer the same way.

Upgrade Your Work Skills

As for those who are just beginning, we offer classes that keep you in the loop and help you get your feet wet, like basic business lunches that allow you to learn networking like professionals.

Our classes also include specialized webinars and seminars on specific business marketing elements and features such as the basics of SEO, the importance of LinkedIn, and how one can use such portals to improve their business standing online. We also offer classes on social media marketing, computer training, marketing, sales, and other elements of business management.

So, if you’re looking for online courses for professionals, Sign Up for our classes today!